CBT for depression

Depression affects one in six of us. Common symptoms include lack of motivation, difficulties in concentration, pessimism, sleep disturbances, irritability, crying, suicidal thoughts, social withdrawal, changes in appetite, loss of sex drive and lack of enthusiasm/pleasure. Depression often has knock-on effects in personal and professional relationships.

From time to time, many of us feel sad, miserable and fed up. While these feelings are normal reactions to events and experiences that are upsetting or stressful, it is also quite normal to experience them for no reason at all. Fortunately, these feelings do not usually last longer than a few days and we are quickly able to return back to our usual selves. Yet, individuals suffering from depression do not find quick relief. Their feeling of sadness persists for weeks and months, resulting in significant interference in their relationships, employment and health. Depression however, is not the same for everyone and can show itself in many different ways. If you have several of the symptoms listed here, this may be an indication that you too are suffering from depression and may benefit from Cognitive and Behavioural therapy.