CBT for self-esteem

A healthy level of self-esteem can serve us well in life - especially at work and in our relationships. Sadly however, many of us suffer from low confidence and self esteem and this has a substantial impact on our happiness and life satisfaction. However, CBT can help. Cognitive and Behavioural therapy involves an exploration of how your low self-esteem may have evolved (early childhood experiences or more recent events), how it affects your day to day life, and how you would like things to change. Your therapist can offer you the tools to reach those goals, in the context of a safe and supportive therapeutic setting. CBT helps you to recognise the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours, suggesting that it is not what we experience but how we interpret events that determine how we are. By changing the negative interpretations of ourselves, we can change how we feel about ourselves and improve our self-esteem.